Dead Love will be taking a little break for the holidays and will resume posting Friday, January 10th. There are only 4 more pages left in chapter one, which, by the way, are currently all up on Patreon & SubscribeStar.

Thank you all so much everyone who reads this! I know not everyone can support the comic financially, but if you want to do me a favor and tell your horny friends about it I'd be pleased to pieces. Erotic comics are hard to get out there; I can't post any of the good parts of the comic, or even links to it, on most social media platforms, not to mention most comic-hosting sites intended to help build readership don't allow any explicit NSFW (even though Dead Love is really quite story-focused!)

So if you've enjoyed this comic, tell someone! Drop a link somewhere to a friend. Hit up your local horny discord server with a hey guys, you wanna see some weird t4t vampire porn?